notes from the road...

transcribed, word for word....

Notes from the road...
It's actually day 6 but since I didn't get to I'll give you a rundown of the tour so far, k ready. here we go.
Day 1 NYC show sucked, spent a lot of cash & very stressful actually getting there. After party at Crypt Records made it better, with hot mexican dude, PeeWee, Memphis Mike, Curt and the Dong. Made out w/ red t-shirt dude. Forgot his name. bedtime @ 7AM. woke up face down on the floor of the record store, worst hangover of the century

Next Day 2. Cleveland. I was sick as fuck the next day, kept throwing up & felt like total ass. the worst i've felt in several months. SGURD = DAB. we had to stop like 3 times for me to puke. We got to Cleveland and paul showed us his club, NOW THATS CLASS. it's smack dab in a strip of gay bars, (lakewood being one of the largest gay communities in the country) complete with this awesome mural of naked dudes cavorting, large portraits of oddly colored penises... anywas.. I saw Dia, Killer, KAryn, Shannon, Ross, Elton (is hot now), and a bunch of other people I havent seen in so long. Show had the best crowd, just going nuts, dancing like crazies & we got paid pretty well. stayed at shannons and hung out for a while BSin catching up.

Day 3 Detroit... Was a total bust. the night had potential but the local act left before we played. they were all kids that had graduation the next day. so we proceeded to get super shit faced since Todd (a perfect example of the detroit, cynical bartender) hooked us up w/ drinks. the soundguy bought curt 3 or 4 shots, offered him free drugs and tried to take him home. curt ends up puking in the alley outside along with matt and brett tryin to show him how its done. we went towards chicago, too far. bought a hotel at some point, curt woke up and screamed "20 MOTHERFUCKERS, FUCK YOU" then passed back out. we left him and tiff in the car cause they wouldnt wake up

Day 4 Chicago was a badass show and good company. the safes really hooked it up, brought a bunch of people out and although no one was really dancing (slightly older, more hipster crowd) everyone was pretty into it-- the owner came up and bought us several drinks. hung out with teddie and his friends, ate a shit ton of food (he cooked) got obliterated. next day was lazy and raining, we hung out and Matt brown brought over a fucking sooperdelicious feast. teriaki salmon, crushed potatos and a pork roast, vegetables and we got beer, it was the most delicious meal ever. KIDS OF WIDNEY HIGH RULE

Day 6/7 Milwaukee.. Rolled to the BBQ at eric apnea's to find a house full of punks and crusties hanging out and grillin, we drank beer and vodka, ate sausages and burgers. the show was at this place linnemans that looked like it used to be a church. they served whiskey shots in communion glasses, LAME. but the show went great, eric put us up at the 'andrew WK house', we partied w/ our boys from maaster gaiden, kids runnin around screamin and dancing like tards. beautiful. rob's shoulder is fucked (dislocated during jetgirl) so we canceled omaha, plus it was really far away. dude was real cool about it. now we're going to st louis, not sure if we can play tomorrow.


Day 8 Kansas City.. we ate at LJs BBQ it was so delicious.. there was a tornado warning when we rolled in and i was kinda scured.. but then the sky opened up and the clouds were an amazing blanket of dark grey and pure white, red and yellow from the setting sun. i stared at the sky for a long time. the show was okay.. they set up a projector screen and played wondershowsen during the bands which cracked us up.. people wouldnt go inside to watch the bands, or give us money-- but there was alot of beer and we actually played alright. not the whole set bleeding hands was -- WHAT? Pee circles dude that's whats up Saw way too many MFin penises in KC then it was

Day 9 STL. Love st louis man, awesome food, people, music, prices, good times had a bonfire by the riverside at the coaltrane (abandoned factory) climbed this huge ass crane, drank a lot of whiskey and set off fireworks, had a roman candle fight with the dong-- kyle (fear shirt) took a hit for me in the neck!

Day 10..Indianapolis. first we play a day show at a record store, not a very good turnout, but whatever, we left kinda late and rushed to indy, thinkin we would be too late... turned out we made it with like an hour before the show started. weird, older crowd but all punks or former punks, they took us really well. sold a bunch of shit, made the most money we made all tour and slept at the promoters house. me n tiff stayed up til 8 or so drinkin champagne and BSin with tim upton and rev. dan. he had married tiff n I earlier that night at the bar. i fell asleep spooning with a dog

Day 11.. harrisburg, we had a long ass drive to harrisburg, everyone stressin but i was pretty apathetic. then we get to this show and we find out the martini bros manager never booked it, or canceled it without telling us. piece of shit dude, i tried to get a hold of them, i was really pissed off. we could have played pittsburg or that stupid mountain town or anywhere to make some more cash. dicks! that was it, end of tour, i believe this is the perfect amount of time to go out, right when you start getting sick of each other, its over. but we broke even, made some cool friends and had fun, so it was a success as far as i'm concerned
the end

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