Friday... BLOWN.

I've scored a bunch of records in the last few days. I've also scored a bunch and gotten busy at "work."

RTFO Bandwagon- New Jack Army EP (Dull Knife Records)
I like the boy-girl vocals, and the sleeve is cool. Jangly guitars, with a crap production sound that's not vicious or anything, laid back. The music kinda bores me, especially the B-Side, but I can listen to it more than twice. Not really sure what all the hype is about. It's a must buy if you're into that clowning on bitches clique.

Creteens - K Way Bleu EP (Boomchick Records)
Fuzzed out, dirty, this pretty much rips. Usually reverbed-to-death vocals bug the shit out of me, but they pull it off. Songs are catchy, sounds like they're worth seeing. B-Side is killer.

The World's Lousy with Ideas #4 (Almost Ready Records)
Pretty into this-- Dude puts out 7" Compilations every few months with a bunch of different covers, and an interesting mix of bands.. This one starts off with a creepy song by Touched, ("I want her more and more, the little girl in the candy store") but jams, clean guitars, snotty vocals. Coconut Coolouts finish it off with a one-riff wonder... it's alright. First song on the B-Side by El Vicio is loud, rough... I'm running out of adjectives for garage punk shit-fi, man. Fag Cop's got a dude screaming, a bouncy drum beat, walking blues riff, drunken guitar solo, and just a wicked sloppy track that really grew on me. I'm into it.

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