Get Some Head in the Back of Sonar

The Talking Head on Davis St, (a.k.a The Old Ottobar) has moved down the street and around the corner, into the back room of Sonar. All shows have been moved to the new showspace, and some have been rationed off to other venues. The club was one of the best punk dives in Baltimore to play or see a show. There is something definitely lost with the building, something irreplaceable. But rather than whine and wax sentiments it's better to accept change and adapt.

So the entire staff, headed by Mr. Adam Savage, has moved and settled into their new home. This may generate better turn outs for shows at the Head. Sonar gets packed on DJ nights, and books national acts too popular to play small dives but not big enough to play shitty arena shows. There should be a good amount of people wandering in out of curiosity from the other parts of Sonar. Whether the Talking Head loses it's vibe and gets sucked into the techno-indie-dance blanket remains to be seen.

The awesome lineup would be the perfect chance to check it out. Montreal's CPC Gangbangs play an eclectic style of rock and roll, and apparently they destroy shit live. Hollywood literally destroys shit live, usually Jake's drumkit gets annihilated.
These boys are one of my favorite Baltimore punk bands-- they play dirty ass sludge rock, they're too loud, they're obnoxious, and I love them. (New LP review next Monday.) Vincent Black Shadow, Adam Savage's band, is another awesome Baltimore local. And they absolutely kill it live. In other words, all these bands are ones you definitely have to see in person, listening to the record or watching youtube videos doesn't cut it. I'm dippin out of work early for this one.

Oh yeah, and if that didn't convince you, Deep Sleep is playing instead of the Golden Boys. Another one of the best Baltimore punk bands around right now. Game over, good night!

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