It's all Rock and Roll

Since the Age of No Wait Online Communications, Instant Messaging while Driving and the Idolization of iTunes, what the hell is the mailbox good for? Bills you should pay... more bills you won't... pre-approved credit card offers for the low rate of 29.99%, junk, junk, crap, the occasional magazine you don't remember subscribing to, crap, junk, an unmarked porno, oh shit, a letter from the DMV, more shit... Doesn't this seem like an incredible waste of paper? Why even sort through the shit... You should cut out the middleman and attach a garbage bag to the back of your mailbox.

But then the sight of a 12" package, sitting uncertainly on your doorstep, or a 7" mailer jammed into a pile of trash makes it all better. The only reason I check the mail is for this. And the porno.

Some notes about my notes:
1. It's all rock and roll.
2. Sub-genres annoy me too, because I hate to pigeon-hole a band, but at least it helps describe something you should hear, not just read about.
3. I pretty much always say a band is better live. Maybe I should use an acronym for it, but it probably would make me sound like more of an asshole. So I'm gonna do it.*
4. If you have something to say, please comment! I want to hear back from people.

Golden Boys / Limes Split 7" (Boomchick Records)
The Golden Boys put down a pretty straight forward track on this split. I'd call it R&B influenced rock and roll. It's catchy, the vocals almost have a little soul at times, the organ makes the song (and the band) slightly more interesting. I like that the guitar leads aren't too obnoxious, and I love the restrained decomposition at the end. (Yeah TWBL*.) The Limes side spins slower, the vocals drone, and there's a psychedelic beat behind the eerie guitar hook that repeats through the song. I think I hear an organ, but, eh, it's too low in the mix to really make an impact. I dig this record enough to not regret buying it. It definitely stays true to what I'd expect from Boomchick.

The Carbonas "Euro Tour EP" (Self-Released, order from Douchemaster Records)
I love this band, so I had to pick up one of the records they brought from their European tour last month. The A-Side has two new songs, and it drags a little. It's the buried vocals, too much reverb or something and the guitar riffs are too boring to hold my attention. The second song is better though. On the B-Side they cover Love and Kisses by the Nihilistics, Move by Plugz, and Iron Dream by Kaos, all of which should be awesome... My favorite is the Kaos cover. I'm still complaining about the lack of bite on the whole record. Clean guitars? Cool, I guess, it's a change of pace... I shouldn't even have to tell you TBIBL*.

Hollywood "Hits! An Alltime Low" LP )Big Neck Records)
First, you should know that the production on this record is brilliant. I'm convinced that Kevin at Catastrophic Sound is one of the best studio engineers in Baltimore. Of course, this record is dirty as fuck and balls-to-the-bathroom-wall-glory-hole sludge, but the guitars don't get lost, the vocals sit just right, and you don't really miss the bass. Some of the songs are catchier, (Ione Sky, Girl? and Cause I'm a Man) some go super lo-fi (Big Mouth, B&W.) Best Big Neck release I own (okay, so I don't have alot) and yes, TBIBL*, but the artwork alone is reason enough to pick this one up. You will LOLZ. They only pressed 500, so who knows how many are left.

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