May Showers Bring Smashed Flowers

Here we go. I made a new resolution: Post a new entry every Friday, Wednesday and sometimes Monday. After completely fudging my major story deadline in Journalism 302, I feel that I need some brushing up on this necessary evil before I can be a competent writer. More on that later. For now, here's what's going on this weekend.

Tonight at the Velvet Lounge is D.C's mostest raddest electro-stoner-rock and roll trio, the Points. I've seen these boys (and girl) many times and they never fail to bring it. Bobby and the Soft Spots from Richmond are supporting, as well as Mas Y Mas from VA Beach. All I remember about Mas Y Mas is Mike Habit, Gio, Travis and me dancing drunk as shit in a Harrisburg basement, that I was impressed by the sound... And well, the bottle of whisky was empty.

That's where you should be tonight... That's where I would be if I didn't have to slung cocktails to yuppies out in Bumfuck, VA.

Saturday at The Bobby Fischer Memorial Building, my boys The Ladies from Richmond, VA play with a bunch of punk and hardcore bands from DC and Maryland-- Time To Escape, Coke Bust, Warpriest, Brain Damaged and.... So Damn Thirsty. The Ladies have a new 7" out on Tony Bitch's Riff Raff Records... I heard the inside sleeve photo is epic, bro, epic...

If you haven't been to this all-ages spot yet, here's a good show to pop your cherry. It's right off the Galledet stop on the Red Line, so even a directionally-challenged retard like me could find it. (I just followed the trail of wandering punks.) No drinking, fighting, smoking or peeing at the venue. Cops on segways roll by every hour or so to make sure the kids don't ruin the pretty street florals. The showspace itself is a claustrophobic fire-hazard, with surprisingly decent acoustics. The walls are narrow and made of bricks so when you get slammed, you feel it. What I'm trying to say is, places like these are beautiful and often not around long enough.

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