I've returned with another update, and a new format for this blog. And this time I'll stick with my original subtitle "Art. Music. Life." No constraints. I never liked rules anyway.

I'm drawing up storyboards for a short animation I want to produce. The working title of it is 'There is a Sky." At first I wanted to do a very visual story about some little creature escaping from a large prison. As I did some research, I found this article from last year about a guy that escaped a North Korean prison camp. He was born and raised in the camp, and never knew there was a world outside of it. I started getting more ideas for the main character, a bird-like creature that doesn't know there is a sky and that he has wings. Anyway, it should snowball from there.

I rented the Orange Box after being very behind on new-gen games, since I just bought a 360 a few months ago. Portal is the stand out here, and now I understand why it received so much attention. You wake up in a lab, with no explanation. A creepy AI named GlaDOS directs you through a series of tests in which you use a gun that makes portals, and you navigate through deadly obstacles by entering and exiting through these wormholes, or manipulate your surroundings to advance past pits of acid, turret guns, etc. People complained that the game was too short, but I thought it was perfect.

And I found out about the nerd/folk musician Jonathan Coulton. He writes these hilarious songs about, well, nerd/geek culture related things like zombies, transformers, and so on. In other words, no I haven't mail-ordered any new records lately.

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