All My Boyfriends are Polygons V.3

Suko K. And her misadventures in 21st Century Romance... special appearance by Frank MurderJunkie Yessan!


All My Boyfriends Are Polygons V.1

I think I'm going to continue this series...
These are based on true events and no, Suko K. is not me.

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New Year, Old Post

Time to recommit and start updating this waste of bandwidth. Last year was wicked crazy. Now it's all about putting my head down and plowing through the bullshit. SO. Look out for show/record reviews, artwork, photos, and ramblings.

There's a lot going on, including a new band in which I play guitar and sing, a new distro in which I don't do much except promote it and set up shows.

These excerpts are from a journal I just found...