Nobunny loves the bomb

Awesome poster my buddy Alex Fine did for our show with Nobunny in two weeks or so.  Get you tickets, this may sell out.


Break ups, Affirmations, and Power Pop

This subject is personal, and I tend to shy away from such topics. I have written about "love" before (see: meatloaf) and the essential nature of it, but not my own.

A few months ago I reluctantly pushed forward in (another) breakup. Why reinvent the wheel? This song sums it up just about perfectly.

It comes down to a few factors
  • I made a major, life-changing decision last year: to live.
  • After the death of my former ego, my new self definition is in constant formation about ... well, everything.
  • I give less a fuck than I ever used to. In a healthy way... really.
No surprise to those that know me; a personal dogma has never dictated my actions. This hasn't changed for the most part, except for the aspect regarding personal welfare. Taking care of myself and my loved ones is now the intrinsic motivational drive that consumes my life. And there's really no room for anyone else right now but the closest, truest friends. And music, of course.

In other words... It's not you, it's me. And will always be just so. Because I've learned that it's okay to be a selfish motherfucker sometimes, and do what's best for yourself. So I'll do what I always do (exactly what I want) until someone comes along to shatter my heart.

Alright, that's my vaguely personal post for the year. Back to the carnage!