This month has been pretty awesome so far

I would think of a topic, but my brain is fried for the week.

Moved a few blocks east to the tail end of Bloomingdale, and I love it. Except that the AC is currently in a crap state so I've been sleeping elsewhere, in a cold room with a warm body. Can't say it's the worst idea I've ever had.

I ride my bike everywhere, although I highly recommend being fully awake before doing so. I started doing Muay Thai with my coworkers twice and week and can probably fuck you up. I also started smoking again and you could definitely outrun me.

Lately I've been listening to a cosmic shit ton of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. How did I miss this, and the Birthday Party? It's so good, and even though I could never write anything as wicked and complex or random and awesome it did inspire me to front a new band.

I'm on vocals only, with members from the Electricutions, Nervous Impulse/the Reticents, and .... actually I don't know the drummer, but I heard he's good. Half stoked and half terrified. We already have 6 songs, although our first practice with everyone is happening later this week. It's pretty much the same shit I always write. Sloppy punk rock and roll. This time I get to jump around like a jacked up ferret and likely fall over and crash into things along the way.

Two days ago I went to Brooklyn to see Eric Davidson's new band The Livids-- they were sick. Definitely a band to watch out for, especially for fans of the New Bomb Turks.

I also, as always, had two slices of NYC pizza, and it made my week.

P.S. SW<B is also playing a bunch of shows and putting out a 7 inch on Big Neck Records.